Door to Door Service (The Gambia)

Sea Freight

We are aware of how stressful, time-consuming and costly it can be to ship personal effects, gifts to friends, family or for charity, goods for business or pleasure. Money Pipe Ltd. was established to cater for this; to use our expertise and resources to ship any items between the United Kingdom and The Gambia, based on the “Pay once principle”.

Pay once principle explained:

We give you a bill for your items to ship, once paid for:

  • We collect the items from your address in the UK (at no extra cost);
  • We Ship the items to their destination in a safe and secure shipping container;
  • We pay for customs, handling, and all other charges;
  • We contact and inform your assigned recipient of the goods arrival and assist them during collection from our store, in The Gambia.

Air Freight

We provide a very efficient Air Freight service between the UK and The Gambia (contact us for other destinations).

Similar to the Sea freight service, our Air Freight service can be used by customers looking for a single payment option; where we collect, ship and clear customs or just for one or multiple steps of the three-point service.




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