Money Pipe Logistics

We are an independent UK based Shipping, forwarding and logistics company dedicated to providing international Sea and Air Freight services, from The UK to any destination, around the world. The relatively small size of our company and market concentration allows us to optimize our services to best suit the needs and expectations of our customers.

Mission Statement

“Money Pipe Logistics is committed to providing safe, efficient and reliable shipping, forwarding and clearing services to any destination, around the world, from The United Kingdom, at very competitive rates and in a very friendly environment. We guarantee a hassle-free service to all our customer s at all times”.

Business With A Difference

We acknowledge and understand the vast difference in the Economic capabilities of the communities that we operate in, and as a responsible business, we are committed to; first and foremost, satisfying the needs of our customers but at the same time, do our best to contribute towards the socio-economic advancement of the less privileged communities, especially in the third world.

Welcome to Money Pipe Logistics

Money Pipe is registered in England as a limited liability company. Incorporated in 2009, we are relatively new but committed to grow and in the process give our customers a fantastic service that they will struggle to find elsewhere.

A small dedicated team based in Brighton (East Sussex) is responsible for all our UK operations.

Equally dedicated team based in Brusubi, take care of services in The Gambia.

The relatively small teams dealing with you as a customer allow us to communicate and serve you in a hassle-free, relaxed and personal level but with the professionalism you would expect from the best in the business.

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Money Pipe Ltd.
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